Hello World: June 2011 Brings to Life my San Francisco Study Buddy Blog, New on the planet.

Some Good Words from SFUSD

There are some warm words coming from Superintendent Garcia and the chair of the Board of Education. On a recent page in the SF Examiner called School Times Superintendent Carols Garcia said: “I love being a part of San Francisco public schools. However, working in public education is also particularly challenging. Our state cut more from public education over the past five years than any other major program area, including higher education, health and human services, and corrections….The endless cycle of budget cuts takes away more than just the people and programs that disappear; it takes away from our ability to solve our most pressing problems.”

Board of Education President Hydra Mendoza says; “It is a privilege and honor to serve as your 2011 President. We have implemented the new student assignment process, audited our special education services, participated in the School Improvement Grants, set up Superintendent Zones in our Bayview and Mission communities, passed a parcel tax to support our teachers, been more intentional about building stronger community buy-in throughout the city and reached out across all sectors to strengthen partnerships…..Thank you for your dedication and commitment to our students, families, staff and schools!”

StudyBuddy News

We had a nice compliment on our site, and the gift of new math resources.

There are some changes happening here. With the end of this academic year (the June 2011 issue) StudyBuddy will discontinue its free online newsletter and launch the StudyBuddy blog.


~ by Jane Radcliffe on June 20, 2011.

2 Responses to “Hello World: June 2011 Brings to Life my San Francisco Study Buddy Blog, New on the planet.”

  1. Is it still worth paying for college with high unemployment?

    • Not always Gregory: there are some great free training programs out there (for example, the ones run for young people by the U.S. Department of Labor) and the internships available through some companies. If you put in some time on the Internet, you may find one that’s right for you. The second best option is to take a SHORT course at a community college: it can lead to an entry-level job and you can take it from there.

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