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If you’re a parent with a sixth-grader not in school (although school started August 15th), you’re not happy: you’re one of thousands stuck in the third-round of school-assignments in our fair city.  That’s because SF Unified School District improved its procedures this year for school assignment. Uh-huh: you heard it first from StudyBuddy in the March newsletter at

The system was buggy.  Families complained.  The system changed.  It’s now buggier (that may not be an actual word: sorry).  If you missed the article, here’s an excerpt:  If you applied on time and, when you open your placement offer, you find you got none of your seven choices, here are the steps you need to take.

—  Keep the assignment you’re offered, even though you plan to change it.

—  Submit an Amended Choice Form.

—  Attend a counseling session at the Educational Placement Center at the555 Franklin Street address where you enrolled your student.  They’re open 8 – 4:30 Monday through Friday.  Phone 241-6085 for a choice of dates and times.  At the counseling session, staff will provide you with detailed information about the schools with available space.

—  Request an assignment to a school that has openings. To do so guarantees your inclusion in a priority group for Round Two.

—  Make a request to be placed in the waiting pool for the school you really want.  Each student can be placed in only one waiting pool.

—  If you can document that the assignment you’re unhappy with has caused genuine hardship, you can turn in an Appeal.  It will be considered.  If your appeal is granted, a more appropriate placement will be made.

Your next move opens up during March 21 – 24.  That’s your first chance to register at a particular school to accept a placement you have been offered.  Alternately, you can hope your issues are resolvable and wait until the second registration period, April 4 – 15, to go and register your student for a placement you have been offered. Or do nothing.  Then, when June 1 arrives, you’re part of Open Enrollment, a period in which anybody can register for any available places that are left.  This doesn’t mean all choice is gone:  there’s still August 1, when Waiting-Pool Notifications are mailed.  (That’s why you requested your application be put in one, remember?)  It’s still just possible the school you wanted most has had an offer turned down, and you’ve jumped to the top of the list


But how about the charter school option I mentioned earlier?  Well, you have two choices.  One is Edison Charter Academy http:///

Telephone 415 970 3330.  It’s at 3531 22nd Street (at Dolores) SF 94114

Their site says they’re still accepting applications.  Tours are available Tuesday and Thursday from 9 to 10.  e other option is Creative Arts Charter School  It’s at 1601 Turk Street, SF 94115.  415 749 3509.

What now? Wait.  If you can’t get the school you want, your kid goes anywhere assigned, even if you drive an hour to get there.  Next semester you apply for a transfer.

Recent college grads not yet employed, consider these options:  the Orthotics & Prosthetics program at Northwestern University.  It consists of six months of online courses plus 11 weeks in a clinical setting.  You can go on to serve returning veterans and earn well.See

Consider Urban Planning at Portland State University with a focus on green building projects and features a summer internship in China. See:

Consider the Cybersecurity program at the University of Maryland, which includes online classes: you’ll learn how to trace electronic threats and block hackers.  See


~ by Jane Radcliffe on August 31, 2011.

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